First WEKE-Katiska - fish trap came out in 1993. Veikko Hakala, a professional fisherman from Korpilahti, had designed and produced the first model of the fish trap for his own use. In 1998 the production of fish traps started on an industrial scale.

The company has followed certain principles over the past 20 years:

  • All the fish traps are made using high quality materials, using a welded, strongly zinc galvanized armored steel netting;
  • Every fish trap is hand made with a high degree of professionalism
  • We design each and every fish trap so that you are never left without a catch!

“That’s where the fish swims best"

  • Many a fisherman has caught their best catch with our fish traps, even in familiar waters!

WEKE-Katiska fish traps are very strong and long lasting, because they are constructed out of custom made, welded, strongly zinc galvanized armored steel netting and struts. WEKE fish traps are assembled using aluminum-zinc alloy fastenings, and are painted by immersion. That is the key to their longevity.

Every new fish trap model that is introduced to the market goes through numerous phases of rigorous testing and development to insure both endurance and efficiency. All WEKE fish traps are tried out in winter conditions. WEKE fish traps have undergone 84500 days of test fishing by the end of year 2011.

“Wilderness” magazine test winner in 2000 and 2010

Our customers have relied on the results of our development.


  • 2004 over 2 million kilos
  • 2005 over 3 million kilos
  • 2006 almost 4 million kilos
  • 2007 over 4 million kilos
  • 2008 almost 5 million kilos
  • 2009 over 5 million kilos
  • 2010 over 5 million kilos and
  • 2011 over6 million kilos caught with WEKE fish traps

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