First WEKE-Katiska - fish trap came out in 1993. Veikko Hakala, a professional fisherman from Korpilahti, had designed and produced the first model of the fish trap for his own use. In 1998 the production of fish traps started on an industrial scale.

The company has followed certain principles over the past 20 years:

  • All the fish traps are made using high quality materials, using a welded, strongly zinc galvanized armored steel netting;
  • Every fish trap is hand made with a high degree of professionalism
  • We design each and every fish trap so that you are never left without a catch!

“That’s where the fish swims best"

  • Many a fisherman has caught their best catch with our fish traps, even in familiar waters!

WEKE-Katiska fish traps are very strong and long lasting, because they are constructed out of custom made, welded, strongly zinc galvanized armored steel netting and struts. WEKE fish traps are assembled using aluminum-zinc alloy fastenings, and are painted by immersion. That is the key to their longevity.

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WEKE-Katiska fish traps special tip: many predatory fish, for instance pike, zander, perch and burbot, can be caught by using a few small live fish as bait. It is best to use bait fish to catch eel. Common roach and other herbivorous fish can be best caught using natural WEKE fish bait that also works great for fish removal, angling, ice fishing, and crabbing.

WEKE fish traps have implemented good solutions dictated by practicality. They are clearly superior to “common variety” fish traps. “We haven’t made any superfluous decisions when designing WEKE fish traps, taking only the best of materials, ones most suitable for fish trap use, and using them to make superb fish traps for your benefit and enjoyment.” Veikko Hakala, professional fisherman and inventor.

WEKE-Katiska fish traps are always designed so that a grown seal or a cub cannot swim inside them. Fish trap fishing is a safe, interesting and challenging sport, for both professionals and enthusiasts, and is environmentally suitable for fishing more sensitive fish species, not to mention fresh water seal preservation.

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